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Inalu Ruth Antoli

Somatic Movement Teacher

Founder of SomaticSoul®, a conscious movement practice  to listen deeply to the present moment and experience the poetic through the moving body.

Teaching Somatic Yoga, Creative Dance Movement & Authentic Movement Practice.

I support people to use their body in a connected, coordinated and efficient way, what I call ´ecology of movement´. I place special attention to cultivating awareness and to use the body as an anchor into the present moment, into the now, to connect with our creativity, joy and aliveness. I use yoga to develop flexibility, strength and release tensions, to reconnect with the ground, gravity and the breath. I use Dance Movement  to allow the expression of feelings, dreams, stories and the unknown that are contained in our body, and to invite the poetic through movement in our life.

I am especially interested in our capacity to resonate with nature and life through the moving body and our dance to be a vehicle of expression of all that we are and can be. Dancing and moving to find meaning, connection and to invite deep aliveness.

I am on a dancing journey, of sharing our joy and embracing our deepest being. For me dancing is a way of entering the body and connecting with the wisdom, knowledge and awareness that can enable us to grow as human beings. As we uncover our original body, we are free to be moved and danced by life itself, by the mystery, the beauty and the vitality that we are.

 My Journey

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