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I offer my most heartfelt synthesis of yoga from more than 20 years of dedication to its practice and my love for movement and bodywork. My approach is anchored in a deep understanding of the body  and the wisdom it holds and the therapeutics of expression through the moving body.
Inalu Ruth



Somatic Yoga creates conditions for well-being and joy. The body postures, or asanas, are a playground, a way to engage with our physicality, to explore how to move with ease, reducing tension and pain and increasing a delicious feeling of being in the body.

"I invite to come home to your body, to slow down the thinking mind and give time and space to the breath so you can revitalize your being."

Somatic yoga supports the development of flexibility, strength, alignment and flow in your movements. To move with ease and harmony is essential to feel well.  

To set up positive conditions we use our awareness, our senses, our deeper listening. So as you practice, you cultivate the capacity to be mindful, respectful and compassionate towards yourself and what is present in your life.

Through sensitive listening and movement, you recover your inner space, which is often lost in the stress of modern life. This space opens us to a simplicity, a beauty and a natural joy.

SomaticSoul looks at the person as a whole, the body as a whole. At a physical level I am interested in integration, articulation of the joints, mobility of the spine, organic and natural movement as opposed to forced and contrived movement.

I am interested in deep changes in each individual’s movement patterns, which can become integrated, into their entire being. My aim is towards maximum physicality in function and overall health. As a result we develop  strength, flexibility and flow, we recover easily from injuries, healing is faster, and we have a greater sense of well-being

My mission is to teach people to move properly through connecting their bodies to the earth, to the space that surrounds us, to the breath that enlivens us, reconnecting the  many parts that form us to create a beautiful whole.

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