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Movement Workshops

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The Poetic Body

"Poetry is where the soul touches the everyday."

In this workshop we will depart with the practice of Somatic Yoga, preparing the body to create a white canvas  where new colours, forms and images can appear. From there poetry in movement can emerge and we can explore the nature of the body -that complex anatomy of sensitivities, histories and chemistries that we call ourselves.


We will  dedicate time to move in ways that can connect us with the poetic, that invite expression, aliveness and that open a doorway into the present moment

2nd June Sunday,
10 h - 13.30 h
Ciudad Jardín, Palma

(limited places, book in advanced)

For further details and booking, contact me on via the form below or ...

Movement Retreats

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"Yoga & Meditation"

Dhanakosa Buddhisht Centre

15th - 22nd November 2024
28th Feb - 8th Mar 2025

Embodied Yoga practice within the context of the Buddhist teachings. Surrounded by the wild and beautiful landscape in the Highlands of Scotland.


Mallorca, Spain

2025 dates to be advised

Body Quest is an adventure of dance, poetry, yoga, movement, ritual & nature to take us where we belong, to this body.  A journey to recover the lost or forgotten parts of ourselves, exploring our own geography, contours, folds, textures,  rediscovering what our eyes can see and letting the heart be the guide of our movements and words.
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"Body Earth Breath"

Dhanakosa Buddhisht Centre

7th-14th March 2025

Expression, movement, spontaneity and playfulness. Engaging our capacity for sensing, for listening deeply to the body´s wisdom. Supported by Buddhist teachings and the impressive scenery of Loch Voil in Scotland.

"The Sea in You" 

Mallorca, Spain
2025 dates to be advised

This retreat is an immersion in our fluid nature, an immersion in our origins as aquatic beings. Through dance, movement, breath, meditation and nature we  reawaken our potential  for expression, joy and a resonant aliveness with the world.
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