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A creative space to invite transformation, exploration, playfulness and expression through the moving body. There is guidance and ample room for you to  move as you wish, so you can reconnect with your creative capacity and allow fluidity into your breath and bones. 

We explore with our senses and dance the different textures of our being. We move and dance to expand the range of our physical and emotional expression and reconnect with forgotten parts of ourselves.

Moving to be more whole, more complete.

SomaticSoul invites you
to experience Bodyfulness
A process of Embodyment, of Listening to the world through the Body and Feeling the world through the Breath.

Letting the soul speak through the body.

Creating a space where the different aspects of human life that are deeply intertwined, Body, Soul, Emotions, Thoughts and Environment can be in relation and can enter a moving dialogue.

Allowing the body to speak through its original language, movement.
Reclaiming the whole of your Being through Movement, Breath and Sensory Awareness
With each dance you can encounter yourself anew.  In this process you renew yourself. You notice your point of departure, what is present with you. You agree to the possibility of change and let the rest unfold. There is nothing you have to do or think or plan. You give space to the unknown to show up through your movements. You soften the control normally imposed by the thinking mind. You let the body, the soul, the heart, the world enter in relationship through your movement and awareness.
The adventure of the moving body.
Curiosity, Wonder and Imagination
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